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Treatments are performed only with a doctor's referral (with the exception of relaxing massage, anti-cellulite, and slimming procedures) in Lublin, ul. Zwycięska 6a and Chełm, Plac Kupiecki 12.

Procedures purchased as a package are carried out only at the location at which they were purchased. It is not possible to use packaged services in the other location.


Physiotherapy uses natural physical elements or elements produced by various devices for medicinal purposes...


Massage is a form of recreation and relaxation for the body. It helps the skin to become firmer, healthier and improves circulation...

Kinesiotaping (tape rehabilitation)

Kinesio taping is a technique in which a special elastic (adhesive) band is applied to part of the body. It allows for the free-flow of water and air...

Kinetic therapy (rehabilitation)

Kinesiotherapy is a treatment that uses movement. It is most often used in types of disorders and dysfunctions that involve movement - back pain, defects in posture...

Manual therapy (mobilization)

This is a manual joint mobilization method of joints with reversible limited mobility. The main therapeutic goals taken on by this method are the restoration of correct joint mechanics...

Individual gymnastics (PNF method)

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) - is a method that has its own philosophy and principles of working with the patient. It enables optimal reproduction of the patient's lost motor function, using his own body receptors...

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