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Peadiatric dentistry

Teeth treatment in children requires a doctor to demonstrate an exceptional approach and skills, hence we employ dentists with years of experience in this area.

Services for children:

  • Cavity prevention for milk teeth and permanent teeth (varnishing, sealing).
  • These services are completed during a single visit.
  • In the event of early-stage cavities we offer painless, drill-less treatment using ozone. Ozoning is repeated every 6-8 weeks, until full remineralization.
  • In traditional treatment we offer, upon request, TwinkyStar coloured fillings in a selected colour.
  • Extraction of milk teeth.

We can provide therapeutic and preventive treatments for children at the same time as those provided to the parent.

  • Price list
  • Varnishing, one tooth: PLN #1924#
  • of all teeth: PLN 100 (EUR 25)
  • Ozoning one tooth: PLN #5326#
  • Tooth treatment with TwinkyStar filling: PLN 75 - 120 (EUR 19 - 30)
  • Extraction of milk teeth: PLN #2188#

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