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Dental treatments

Dental Treatments

Includes treatment of cavities and root canals. Offered as a standalone service or service accompanying other treatments, such as implanting, facing or whitening of teeth.

Treatment of cavities

Depending on the extent of the decay, we use either a remineralization method or mechanical removal of decay with filling of the cavity. We use high-quality light UV-cured fillers, chemically cured fillers and TWINKY STAR colored fillers.

  • Treatment plan

A cavity is treated during one visit, treatment duration depends on the number of cavities.

  • Price list
  • Per tooth: PLN 90 - 290 (EUR 35 - 85)
  • Costs of diagnostics: panoramic radiograph - included in the price of the service

Treatment of root canals

In the event of a root canal treatment we use an endometer for accurate determination of canal length and filling. Treatment is monitored using digital radiography.

  • Treatment plan

Root canal treatment usually requires multiple visits, and takes from 4 to 21 days.

  • Price list
  • Per tooth: PLN 350 - 700 (EUR 104 -191)
  • costs of diagnostics: panoramic radiograph and three radiographs of individual teeth - included in the price of the service

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