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Luxmed offers three implant systems: NOBEL, ADIN and DIRECT. After implanting a tooth (surgical treatment) the crown of the tooth is reconstructed (prosthetic treatment).

  • Treatment plan

I STAGE - surgical treatment - implanting a tooth (approx. 20-21 days).

  • First visit (consultation) - panoramic radiograph, preliminary qualification for implanting, referral to specialized examinations - 3D panoramic radiograph.
  • Second consultation with 3D panoramic radiograph (7-8 days following the first visit).
  • Implanting (2-3 days after the second consultation).

  • Following implanting, one or two follow-up visits are necessary:

  • Removal of stitches (7 – 10 days after implanting).
  • Follow-up visit, 3 weeks before beginning the prosthetic treating - exposing the implants and inserting healing screws (except in the Direct system), imaging (panoramic radiograph or radiograph of a single tooth).

Additional treatments can be carried out between the first consultation and implantation as needed, such as treatment of teeth, preventive and aesthetic treatments.


II STAGE - prosthetic treatment - begun after 5-6 months, depending on the implant’s integration with the bone. Reconstruction of a tooth’s crown takes 9-14 days.

  • First visit - taking impressions, preparing a dentition model.
  • Second visit (after 2-3 days) - fitting the tooth, crown and prosthetics.
  • Third visit (after 4-5 days) - seating the tooth, crown and prosthetics in the dental arches.

When prosthetic work for implanting purposes is carried out, the patient can also take advantage of other dental services: treatment, whitening, scaling.

  • Price list

Nobel System

  • Tooth implant: PLN 2000
  • Tooth crown: PLN 1600 - 1900
  • Diagnostics (3D panoramic radiograph): PLN 350

Adin System

  • tooth implant: PLN 1350
  • tooth crown: PLN 1400 - 1900
  • diagnostics (3D panoramic radiograph): PLN 250

Direct System

  • tooth implant: PLN 1700
  • tooth crown: PLN 1000 - 1900
  • diagnostics (3D panoramic radiograph): PLN 350

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