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We offer single and multiple filling of cavities, crowns, bridges, partial and full prosthetics.

  • Service plan

The type of prosthetics required determines the duration of treatment. It usually takes 9-14 days.

  • During the first visit the scope of work to be done is determined, impressions are taken and root canal treatment is commenced, if necessary.
  • The second visit is held 3-4 days after the first one - the metal or prosthetics model is fitted and colour is selected; root canal treatment is continued if already underway.
  • The third visit is held 3-4 days later. The prosthetic is inserted. Should any further fitting prove necessary, another visit can be scheduled 2-3 days later.

  • Price list
  • Crown: PLN 585 - 1850 (additional services as needed: root canal treatment PLN 350 - 700, root canal insertion PLN 250 - 370)
  • Bridge: PLN 1200 - 5150 (additional services as needed: root canal treatment PLN 350 - 700)
  • Partial prosthetics: PLN 325 - 575
  • Full prosthetics: PLN 575 - 1425

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