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Laryngologic Tests & Treatments

Video fiberoptic bronchoscopy of adenoids (third tonsil)

  • Video fiberoptic bronchoscopy is a modern test which enables precise examination of the nasopharynx, in the third tonsil hypertrophy. The test is performed by a specialist otolaryngologist doctor, using a soft, thin and flexible fiberoptic camera, resulting in a high-quality HD picture. When performed on children, fiber-optic bronchoscopy is done in a sitting position. The test takes place under local anesthesia and requires at least partial cooperation from the patient.

Video endoscope of the nose, throat, larynx (fiberoptic bronchoscopy)

  • Video endoscope of the nose, throat, or larynx consists of inserting a video fiberscope and examining the interior of the nose, throat or larynx, with the use of a light.

Video laryngeal stroboscopy (stroboscopic examination of the ear)

  • Video laryngeal stroboscopy makes it possible to examine the degree of tension, motion and condition of the vocal cords and detect changes in the larynx, including cancer.

Video otoscopy (endoscopic examination of the ear)

  • Video otoscopy involves inserting an otoscope into the ear canal and watching the image on a monitor. It is the most accurate visual assessment method of examining the eardrum and outer ear structures.

Closing nasal blood vessels

  • The procedure involves cauterizing the blood vessels with a 30% silver nitrate. It is indicated in cases with very small points of bleeding in the nasal septum.


  • Frenectomy is a popular treatment, used especially in infants and young children who experience difficulty sucking or feeding, or are at risk for speech defects.

Politzer maneuver of purging the ear canal

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