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How to get in shape fast

What is "form" anyway? That's the question many people probably ask themselves as they take up the fight for themselves. "Being in shape" is, of course, a certain level of physical fitness, but it's also a state of health, a level of fatigue in the body, a normal weight, all orchestrated in such a way that at any given moment we feel ready to perform the tasks that life demands of us or that we feel like doing. Constant signs of fatigue, aversion to physical activity and liking activities that do not require effort are signs that we could certainly work on "form."

In order to effectively take care of your shape, it is necessary to act in multiple ways, says cosmetologist Agnieszka Kozlowska, M.D., of Med Estetyka . - A reliable treatment to improve the appearance of the silhouette is Accent Prime. 

Silhouette in shape with Accent Prime

Accent Prime is a platform designed for body and facial modeling using advanced technologies. The innovation of the device is the combination of ultrasound waves: transverse and longitudinal, with radiofrequency (RF) unipolar with the highest frequency of 40.68 MHz available on the market. The first stage of the treatment is the application of warm and cold ultrasound. Cold ultrasound acts selectively on fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. The vibrations of cold ultrasound damage the membrane of fat cells, leading to the breakdown of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids, which in this form are more easily metabolized and removed by the lymphatic system.


The combination of both ultrasound technologies allows for the best results.

In the second stage of the treatment we use radiofrequency technology. Radio waves heat up collagen to a temperature of 45-50 degrees C causing its remodeling, resulting in improved quality and firmness of the skin. There is stimulation of fibroblasts to rebuild and produce collagen and elastin, causing the filling of wrinkles. There is an increase in density, elasticity, skin tone and improvement of facial oval and skin tone.

Endermologie enhances the effect

To support the effects of the Accent Prime treatment, we suggest performing the Endermology Alliance treatment immediately afterwards, as a drainage to help expel unwanted fat cells. Through a process of mechanical vacuum massage, Endermologie works on connective tissue and can be used as a skin care treatment for both the body and face.


The vacuum massage strengthens the connective tissue, allows to get rid of toxins and metabolic products in a more effective way, and significantly improves the condition of the skin. Through the use of a head that combines a motorized roller and a flap, movements during the treatment are performed by a simple system of contact between the head and the skin. This minimizes negative treatment sensations with maximum effectiveness. We can perform endermologie treatment alone for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and skin firming, or acting as a supportive treatment after Accent Prime.

How to effectively achieve a slim figure?

An integral part of the fight for a better figure, in addition to modeling treatments, is a well-balanced diet and physical activity.

The basis of a balanced diet is cereal products and vegetables and fruits. Cereal products in the form of dark bread, groats, cereals are a source of complex carbohydrates, which provide the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body. These products are rich in protein, which is an essential building block of the body, as well as in fiber that improves intestinal peristalsis. Vegetables and fruits are a source of most vitamins and minerals, plus they are low in calories. Replace sweet and salty snacks with vegetables and fruits. Water supply should also be increased. A better hydrated body means better treatment results.

Physical activity increases our fitness, as well as the content and quality of muscles in our body. The greater the muscle content, the more effective the fight against body fat. The ideal solution to stimulate our muscles to work while saving time is to work out.

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