Hydrogen purification

Hydrogen cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté - healthy skin without blackheads

Before the positive mood brought by the spring sun is effectively disrupted by the state of your skin after winter, be sure to read this article. You will learn how quickly you can change the fate of dull, tired, dry and dehydrated skin and get rid of blackheads. You need to know that cleansing is not the only effect. Your skin will be visibly rejuvenated, smoothed and will get a spring freshness. And that's immediately after the treatment!

We asked cosmetologist about hydrogen cleansing, and why it is worth choosing this particular method Ms. Patrycja Oltarzewska of the Med Estetyka clinics in Lublin.

Why is skin cleansing so important? How do we cleanse our skin, especially skin with problems?

Cleansing should be a regular part of our care, thanks to it the skin will more readily absorb the active ingredients contained in cosmetics, and its condition will be significantly improved. By cleansing the skin, we remove dirt particles that linger on its surface and in the mouths of the sebaceous glands. Moreover, we get rid of keratinized epidermis and horny secretions. We eliminate the formation of pus lesions and blackheads on our skin, the presence of which promotes a faster multiplication of acne-causing bacteria cells. For the ailments mentioned above, hydrogen cleansing will be ideal.

What is and how is hydrogen purification - step by step

Hydrogen cleansing is an innovative technique for cleansing the face, neck and décolleté.It is a non-invasive, painless and multi-step procedure. It relies on the penetration of active hydrogen deep into the skin. This beneficial element is delivered with a saturated stream of water, which causes the elimination of free radicals, or oxidants, which are largely responsible for accelerating the aging process of the skin. In addition to its antioxidant effect, hydrogen has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Stage 1 Thorough cleansing of the face from makeup.
Stage 2 Deep cleansing of the skin with a special head emitting a stream of water saturated with hydrogen.
Stage 3 Cleansing with an active concentrate, individually selected to meet the needs of the skin:

  • acid cleansing lotion,
  • Ultra-hydrating and cleansing lotion with hyaluronic acid,
  • Illuminating and smoothing lotion with red algae extract,
  • Soothing soothing lotion with arnica and field horsetail extract.

Stage 4. Regeneration with a nourishing lotion with snail mucus extract.
Stage 5. Maximizing the effects by applying an ampoule and/or mask selected for the skin's needs.
Stage 6. Gentle massage with a selected head - with microcurrents or jade stone to improve microcirculation and skin condition.

For whom is hydrogen purification advisable and what results can we expect?

Hydrogen cleansing shows effective action for all skin types. The treatment is also suitable for men. Properly selected preparations by cosmetologists will direct their action to achieve the desired effect. For those with oily or combination skin, hydrogen cleansing will perfectly deal with excessive sebum secretion, enlarged pores, blackheads and acne. For vascular skin, the facial cleansing treatment will seal blood vessels and have a brightening and smoothing effect. Dry and dehydrated skin will receive deep hydration, while mature skin will receive a high dose of antioxidant action, so the treatment will have an anti-aging effect - smoothing and shallowing of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrogen purification should be repeated, how often?

The treatment performed once will improve the condition of the skin, but it is recommended to perform a series of 3 to 5 treatments at intervals of every 2-3 weeks. To further maintain the effect, hydrogen cleansing should be performed at least every 2 months. Of course, the number of treatments is selected individually for each patient, taking into account their needs and expectations. It is worth mentioning that the treatment can be performed all year round, but proper protection in the form of sunscreen creams should be remembered.

Hydrogen cleansing is a treatment with a wide range of possibilities and applications, suitable for men and women of all skin types. In addition to its deep cleansing action, it has a number of properties to achieve the desired results. It visibly improves its condition and appearance.

Remember, cleansed skin is healthy skin! 


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