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What does a visit to an andrologist look like?

A visit to an andrology clinic begins with the andrologist taking a detailed history of the complaints experienced, past genitourinary diseases, quality of intercourse, dietary and lifestyle habits, medications taken. This conversation will be the basis in ordering the necessary tests and in making the correct diagnosis. The andrologist will also perform a physical examination and make recommendations for further treatment, answer the patient's questions.

If the visit to the andrology clinic is for infertility treatment, it is advisable to come with your partner to the andrologist's appointment. It is advisable to bring the results of tests and specialist consultations with you to the appointment.

What does an andrologist do?

An andrologist Lublin doctor specializes primarily in treating symptoms related to:

  • infertility,
  • Deficiency of male sex hormones,
  • Andropause, or male menopause,
  • Sexual maturation disorders,
  • Sexual life disorders,
  • Cancer diseases of the testicles and prostate.

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