Date booking: Required

Referral: Absolutely required

Age range: Depending on medical indications

Waiting time for the result: CD with images available immediately after the test. Study description available up to 14 working days.

Price list



  • It is recommended to perform the test in the first phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • Do not use lotions or other moisturizing cosmetics before the test, as this makes the test more difficult to complete.
  • For the test, you should arrive about 15 minutes early to the registration desk:
    - with referral,
    - with identity document,
    - with reading glasses (if Patient uses them - they will be needed to fill out the questionnaire),
    - with photos from previous mammograms
    (films and/or plates), if the patient has had previous examinations - the images are necessary for comparison with the current examination, to carry out a fair and accurate assessment by the radiologist. The provided images after evaluation will be returned together with the result of the mammography performed.

Description of the study

The purpose of the examination is to quickly detect lesions and tumors of the breast.


  • suspicious breast changes detected during self-examination or detected by a doctor,
  • As a preventive test in women aged 40 and older,
  • In women under 40 years of age with an increased risk of breast cancer (e.g., a family history of breast cancer).


  • pregnancy,
  • Undeveloped mammary gland in girls.