Examinations with travel to the patient

Examinations with travel to the patient

Laboratory testing with travel to the patient is a convenient and stress-free collection of blood or swabs outside the collection center. You can order this service for your child to reduce the stress of a collection at a facility, for an elderly person you currently have in your care, or for yourself because you don't have time to visit a clinic.

How to order the study?

Step 1 Select a study on the website of one of our Partners and make an appointment

Step 2 On the agreed date, a specialist will come to the address and perform the collection

Step 3 You will receive the results of the survey online

Why take advantage of laboratory testing with travel to the patient?

  1. Convenience of taking a sample: The specialist arrives directly at the indicated address. The service is provided in Lublin and the surrounding area.
  2. Convenient dates: You choose the date that is convenient for you.
  3. Discretion and confidentiality: your data and results are fully secure.
  4. A wide range of tests: You choose from a range of laboratory tests that can be performed at home.


Now you can add to the convenience of having your blood drawn or swabbed by ordering a test with home delivery at Emmed or Home Lab.