Purchase of mammograms at CM Luxmed

Luxmed Medical Center Sp. z o.o. in Lublin is carrying out the task titled:

"Purchase of diagnostic equipment for early detection of cancer - mammograms" Case no: LUXMED/MZ/D-1/2021 within the framework of the long-term program entitled: "National Oncology Strategy". in the field of purchase of specialized equipment - mammographs.



The purpose of the task is to strive to ensure access to the latest technical and technological advances in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment by replacing worn-out analog and digitized mammographers with new digital cameras dedicated to the laboratories of stationary or mobile medical entities that provide health care services on the basis of a contract for the provision of health care services financed by public funds concluded with a public payer, including in the implementation of health care services under the Breast Cancer Prevention Program.

Within the framework of the task, under contract No.: 1/15/12/2021/2001/373, 2 digital Amulet Innovality FujiFilm mammographers were purchased and installed in CM Luxmed mammography labs:

  • in Lublin, 4D Koncertowa Street
  • in Bilgoraj, 50 Kościuszki St.


Investment value: 1.228.203,33

Ministry of Health funding: 1.199.166,12