Videofiberoscopy of the tonsils

Date booking: Required

Referral: Not required

Age range: Depends on the doctor - please check the doctor's business card for details

Waiting time for the result: Result available immediately after the test.

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Adults: lack of preparation.


  • Report fasting (about 1-2 hours without a meal) to reduce the risk of vomiting reflexes.
  • The child should not have an intense runny nose (a runny nose makes it difficult or impossible to see the structures of the throat).
  • The test is best performed about 2 weeks after the infection (during the infection, there is swelling and an accurate assessment will not be possible).
  • Patients under the age of 18 should compulsorily report with a parent/legal guardian for the test.

Description of the study

Videofiberoscopy is a modern examination that allows precise examination of the nasopharynx, for hypertrophy of the third tonsil. The examination is carried out by a specialist - an otolaryngologist - using a delicate, thin and flexible fiberscope connected to a camera. The apparatus is inserted through the patient's nose. With videofiberoscopy, the doctor can view the size of the tonsil, its structure and location on a monitor. The examination makes it possible to see anatomical structures that are difficult to access in a classic ENT examination.
In evaluating the pharyngeal tonsil, it is fundamental to determine whether its size affects the patency of the ear trumpets. The examination is performed in the treatment of chronic ear inflammation and hearing loss in children.
Fiberoscopy is performed in the sitting position in adults and in children. The examination requires at least partial cooperation with the patient.


  • Diagnosis of the nasopharynx for hypertrophy of the third tonsil,
  • Diagnosis of sleep apnea and snoring in children and adults,
  • Diagnosis of nosebleeds,
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of sinus treatment,
  • suspected foreign body in the nasal cavities (in children),
  • diagniostics of chronic rhinitis.