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What does an appointment with an audiologist look like?

A visit to an audiology clinic begins with the audiologist taking a detailed history of the patient's problems, the diseases he or she is suffering from, the medications he or she is taking and the therapies he or she is using. The audiologist is interested in situations in which the patient has hearing problems, various symptoms, such as pain or tinnitus, and the patient's work environment. This conversation will be the basis for ordering the necessary tests in making the correct diagnosis. The audiologist will assess the patient's hearing on the basis of an otoscope examination, make recommendations for further treatment - for example, the selection of a hearing aid, answer the patient's questions.

It is a good idea to bring the results of tests and specialist consultations with you to your appointment at the audiology clinic.

What does an audiologist do?

An audiologist doctor primarily specializes in treating symptoms related to:

  • hearing deterioration,
  • auditory hypersensitivity,
  • tinnitus,
  • The feeling of clogged ears.

In addition, the audiologist Lublin doctor deals with:

  • Help with frequent ear infections,
  • Support for speech therapy and phoniatric therapy.

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