Direct examination for gonorrhea

Material: swab
Study price: PLN 40.00
Waiting time: result after 5 working days

  • Material from the cervical canal, urethra is taken in the gynecology office by a midwife from Monday to Saturday, after booking an appointment. To make an appointment for the examination, please call us at 81-532-37-11
  • Material from the conjunctiva of the eye collected at the collection point without booking an appointment in advance - check the hours of operation of the collection point.

Luxmed collection points

Preparation for the study


  • The material should be collected before the implementation of treatment.
    Material from the conjunctiva of the eye is collected at the collection point/treatment room.
  • Material from the urethra is taken before the first morning urine or at least 4 hours should have elapsed since the last urination (the patient comes to the examination with a full bladder).
  • Material from the cervical canal, urethra, rectum is collected in the gynecological office by the midwife.
    Hygienic procedures with disinfectants should not be used.
    It is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse for 3 days before the examination.
  • On the day of the examination, the genital area should be washed without soap or gel.

Detailed for women

  • Do not use hygienic treatments with disinfectants and vaginal medications.


Testing for gonorrhea is a screening test, full diagnosis is given by GNC gonococcal culture.


The test is designed to detect the gonorrhea bacillus

(Neisseria gonorrhoeae), which causes the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea.

Development and preparation of material (applies to contractors only)

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