Material: Blood
Price of the study: 65 PLN
Waiting time: result after 5 working days

  • We perform the test without prior reservation. Check the working hours of the collection center

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Preparation for the study


  • The test material is blood.
  • The patient does not need to be fasting.About 30 minutes before the test, it is advisable to drink a glass of water or bitter(unsweetened) tea.


Insulin-like growth factors associated with protein.
Importance of the test: acromegaly, gigantism (diagnosis, control of the course of the disease), short stature, growth disorders, control of growth hormone treatment, assessment of nutritional status.
Increased values: acromegaly, pituitary gigantism, obesity, pregnancy (third trimester).
Decreased values: dwarfism, eating disorders, malabsorption, poorly treated diabetes mellitus, chronic inflammatory diseases, CNS injuries, malignant tumors, hypothyroidism.

Development and preparation of material (applies to contractors only)

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