Coronavirus - antigen test - result with medical certificate in Ukrainian language

Material: swab
Study price: 60 PLN
Waiting time for the result: the result can be collected from 18.00 on the same day

  • We perform the test without prior reservation. Check the working hours of the collection center.
    When registering covid tests (PCR and antigen, whether private, nfz, or with a foreign language result), it is absolutely necessary to complete the patient's data:
    - Name,
    - PESEL, and in the case of foreigners, PASSPORT No.
    - Address of residence/residence,
    - Domestic/foreign phone number

    All these data are absolutely required for the implementation of the survey.

Luxmed collection points

Preparation for the study


  • The test material is a nasal swab.
  • The patient does not need to be fasting.
  • Do not use nasal drops before collecting the material.
  • If infection is suspected, it is advisable to move and stay in the facility wearing a protective mask to reduce the spread of pathogens in the environment.

Detailed for children

  • In the case of children, the swab is taken from the nose. The swab is inserted deeper than with standard microbiology swabs.


Samples brought from outside are not accepted for testing.
* Mutation of the Sars-CoV-2 virus does not affect the ability of the test to detect infection.

* Receipt of vaccine (any type) does not affect the result of the test performed after vaccination.


The antigen test is dedicated to patients with symptoms of respiratory tract infection and other symptoms associated with Sars-CoV-2 virus infection, as well as as asymptomatic patients who have been in contact with a confirmed case.

Mutation of the Sars-CoV-2 virus does not affect the ability of the test to detect infection.

The study aims to confirm Sars-CoV-2 virus infection.

The test material is a nasal swab.

The test is performed using the BERIGHT test,for qualitative detection of Sars-CoV-2 antigen.

The sensitivity and specificity of the test relative to the RT-PCR method,is:

- sensitivity : 90.4%
- specificity : 99.5%

This test detects an antigen ( a protein from inside the virus cell) detectable only when the virus is active and capable of infecting. This occurs in the early stages of infection, sometimes even before symptoms appear.

Interpretation of survey results.

A positive test result with a high probability indicates active infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus.
A negative test result does not rule out infection. Collection may occur when there is no detectable antigen in the body yet. For this reason, in situations where symptoms or epidemiological factors indicate the possibility of infection, the test should be repeated after 1-2 days from a newly collected sample. If symptoms persist, again a negative antigen test result should be verified by genetic testing, by RT-PCR.

The test result is issued in 2 language versions, in Ukrainian and Polish. The result is accompanied by a medical certificate in Ukrainian.The document bears a qualified electronic seal, with the possibility of verification of authenticity. The paper printout is a reproduction of the electronic document.
If the result of the test is negative, such a certificate will allow you to cross the border *
and may contribute to the lifting of the mandatory quarantine. It can also be presented to the employer.

* Determining whether the destination country requires a certificate according to a specific formula and at what time before the planned travel the test should be performed is at the discretion of the test orderer.

According to current recommendations, the result of the antigen test ( positive and negative) is reported by the Laboratory to the EWP database.

Development and preparation of material (applies to contractors only)

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