Material: semen
Price of the study: PLN 130.00
Waiting time for the result: result no later than the next working day

  • Advance appointment booking required by calling 81 532 37 11.

Preparation for the study

Detailed for men

  • The patient should be healthy. A cold and especially an elevated temperature will affect the result of the semen test.
  • Before donating semen for testing, the patient should maintain sexual abstinence for 2 to 7 days (optimal 3-4 days, but no longer than 7 days)
    and alcohol abstinence from 2 to 7 days (min. 2 days).
  • Antibiotic treatment affects the result of the semen test. The patient should wait min. 2 weeks after the last dose of antibiotics.
  • Semen cannot be transported, it must be donated on site.


Semen must be transferred into a STERILE container, by masturbation. Semen MUST NOT be obtained by intermittent intercourse or delivered in a condom.


This test is used to detect IgG and IgA class antisperm antibodies in semen . It can be used routinely in all patients, or in cases of suspected immune-mediated infertility, such as with poor sperm motility or sperm clumping shown by a general semen examination.

Antisperm antibodies can:

- cause sperm to clump together

- cause reduced sperm viability and motility

- impair ability to pass through cervical mucus

- inhibit sperm-egg connections.

Development and preparation of material (applies to contractors only)

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