Urine general analysis

Material: morning urine
Study price: PLN 14.00
Waiting time for the result: result no later than the next working day

  • We perform the test without prior reservation. Check the working hours of the collection center

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Preparation for the study


  • For the test, morning urine should be collected, that is, after at least 8 hours of rest, without emptying the bladder for at least 4 hours.
  • Urine should be collected in a disposable container (not less than 10 ml). If less material is provided, the Laboratory reserves the right not to perform the analysis.
  • The urine sample for the test should be delivered as soon as possible (no more than 2 hours after collection).
  • Before collection, intimate hygiene should be maintained (the material is collected after washing the genital area, but disinfectants should not be used).
  • For patients with a catheter, the method of collecting the material should be consulted with the attending physician.

Detailed for women

  • Women should not perform the test during menstruation, but at least 3 days after menstruation.

Detailed for infants

  • To perform a urinalysis on a young child, buy a special pouch (a different one for a boy a different one for a girl) at the pharmacy,
    then follow the instructions on the pouch.
    Place the bag with urine in a disposable container for urinalysis
    and sign the container with the sample(do not pour the urine from the bag into the container).


Do not forget to sign the sample container!
It is possible to perform a urine culture from the same material, provided that the urine container is sterile without transport medium.


The general analysis of urine consists of the evaluation of physical and chemical properties ( color, specific gravity, pH, transparency, the presence of red blood cells, white blood cells, glucose, urobilinogen, ketones, proteins, nitrites, ascorbic acid) and the examination of the sediment ( formed elements of urine: crystals, rollers, bacteria, yeast, epithelia, mucus strands).
Urinalysis is an important adjunct to blood tests, especially in diseases of the urinary system and in case of kidney involvement in the course of systemic diseases.

Development and preparation of material (applies to contractors only)

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