Ultrasound of pregnancy

Date booking: Required

Referral: Not required

Age range: Depends on the doctor - please check the doctor's business card for details

Waiting time for the result: Result available immediately after the test.

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Description of the study

An examination to assess the condition and development of the fetus, placenta and the changing reproductive organs during pregnancy. The purpose of the examination is to accurately assess the brain, spine, heart, kidneys, face, as well as the baby's other organs. It allows us to determine whether the baby is developing properly, and in case of abnormalities, the test allows us to make an accurate diagnosis already in the womb. During the ultrasound, the doctor takes measurements of the baby's head, trunk, length of the entire baby and the baby's weight. These measurements are needed to monitor the baby's growth and analyze whether this growth is adequate for gestational age. The level of fetal waters, the location and appearance and maturity of the placenta, umbilical cord and the length of the cervix are also assessed. These data are needed by the obstetrician to properly manage the pregnancy.