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When parents make an appointment for a consultation with a pediatric dermatologist at the clinic of Luxmed Medical Center in Chelm, the first stage of the visit is a detailed history of their child's health. A good dermatologist pays attention to the duration and circumstances of skin problems, any accompanying diseases, medications taken by the child and his eating habits. After gathering all the information, the pediatric dermatologist carefully examines the patient's skin, makes appropriate recommendations and answers the parents' questions.

It is worth remembering to bring to the appointment the results of tests collected so far and the opinions of other doctors, if the parents have such.

What does a dermatologist in Chelm treat?

The doctor in the dermatology clinic deal with:

  • adolescent acne therapy,
  • The treatment of seborrheic dermatitis,
  • diagnosis and therapy of atopic dermatitis,
  • Dealing with dandruff,
  • Elimination of warts,
  • Recognizing various skin rashes,
  • An intervention for oily hair,
  • vitiligo therapy,
  • Identification and treatment of skin allergies,
  • observation of pigmented nevi,
  • Treatment of fungal infections of the skin.

Moreover, a pediatric dermatologist in Chelm:

  • Recognizes food allergies and intolerances,
  • performs dermatoscopy.

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