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What does a visit to a dermatologist in Bilgoraj look like?

A dermatologist is seen by patients who are struggling with skin problems of various causes. During the first visit, the dermatologist conducts a detailed interview about the problems with which the patient reports. It is also important to know when the disturbing changes appeared, what medications the patient is taking and about any allergies.

In dermatology, diagnostic tests performed during a consultation by a doctor are the basis. The dermatologist will look at the lesions, while in justified cases he will perform a dermatoscopy. At the final stage of the dermatology consultation, the doctor makes recommendations for further treatment and answers the patient's questions.

Before attending the appointment, the patient should prepare and bring with him or her the results of previous tests, if he or she has any, or possibly an information sheet from a hospital stay.

What does a dermatologist in Bilgoraj do?

A dermatologist is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and prevention of symptoms associated with skin diseases: allergic (e.g. atopic dermatitis, urticaria), ringworm, diseases of the sebaceous glands (acne, seborrheic dermatitis).

Often the cause of skin disease is viruses, this is the case of herpes or herpes zoster, and bacteria that cause ailments, i.e. dandruff, boils, rosacea.

The dermatologist is also involved in diagnosis:

  • scalp diseases that cause baldness, for example,
  • Skin lesions - moles, hemangiomas,
  • skin cancers,
  • psoriasis,
  • hyperhidrosis,
  • sexually transmitted diseases.

In some patients, for specific conditions, a specialist dermatologist may recommend combining treatment with professional skin care or cosmetic procedures.

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