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What a visit to a diabetologist looks like

A visit to a diabetology clinic begins with the collection of a detailed history by a diabetologist, which is the basis in ordering the necessary tests and in making a correct diagnosis. The diabetologist will perform basic diagnostic tests, make recommendations for further management, establish dietary recommendations, and answer the patient's questions.

You can bring the results of tests and specialist consultations, as well as information sheets from any hospital stay, with you to your diabetes clinic appointment.

At the diabetes clinic in Lublin, for example, you can benefit from advice on the treatment of diabetic foot. The specialist deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a complication in diabetes manifested by inadequate blood supply to the feet, reducing pain sensitivity and slowing the healing of wounds and ulcers.

What does a diabetologist do?

A diabetologist primarily specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms related to:

  • Type 1, 2 diabetes,
  • gestational diabetes,
  • different types of secondary diabetes,
  • pre-diabetic conditions,
  • obesity,
  • insulin resistance,
  • Complications of diabetes, i.e. retinopathy leading to visual impairment, diabetic foot, neuropathy, nephropathy.

In addition, the doctor diabetologist Lublin deals with:

  • prevention,
  • Individual education on taking medications, principles of insulin administration, use of specialized equipment, evaluation and interpretation of glucose test results, proper foot care,
  • Conducting diet education.

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