Additional bariatric services

At each stage of obesity treatment, the patient can benefit from services:

Medical advice - bariatric (Dr. Maciej Pastuszka)

The doctor will assess the patient's general condition, determine the indications for surgical treatment of obesity. He will perform a gastroscopy. He will order the necessary tests and consultations. If necessary, he will order additional treatment before surgery. He will qualify the patient for surgical treatment and refer the patient to the center where the operation will be performed.

Nutritional advice - bariatric (Natalia Parulska, MA, Edyta Szymaniak, lic.)

The dietitian will analyze the patient's daily diet on the basis of the food diary kept, take measurements of height and body composition (including body fat) and assess nutritional status. The dietitian may suggest a series of meetings and the development of an individualized menu aimed at reducing weight, improving nutritional status and, in the case of planned surgery, preparing the patient for surgery and planning a proper diet after bariatric surgery.

Before the first visit, it is mandatory for the patient to have a completed Food Diary.

Download Food Diary

Psychological counseling - bariatric (Monika Gajewska, MA)

After talking with the patient, the psychologist may offer support through meetings - individual psychotherapy. Very often obesity is caused by an abnormal reaction to stress, in such a situation, learning how to behave properly can bring success in the fight against unnecessary pounds.

Each patient undertaking cooperation will receive materials to support him or her in the fight against weight gain.