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What does a visit to an internal medicine doctor look like?

A visit to an internal medicine clinic is similar to other visits to specialists. It begins with the doctor taking a detailed history of the patient's problems, past illnesses and medications taken, lifestyle. The doctor will perform a physical examination, make recommendations for further treatment, and answer the patient's questions.

You can take the results of previous examinations, if you have any, and your hospital treatment card to the internal medicine clinic appointment.

What does an internal medicine doctor do?

An internal medicine doctor primarily specializes in treating symptoms associated with diseases:

  • Infectious: cold, flu,
  • The digestive system, such as the stomach, duodenum, esophagus, intestines,
  • Urinary system, such as lithiasis, cystitis,
  • Endocrine system and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, Hashimoto's disease,
  • Cardiovascular system, such as hypertension and hypotension, atherosclerosis,
  • Respiratory system, such as bronchial asthma.

In addition, the internal medicine doctor Lublin deals with:

  • preventive health care.

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