Laboratory Lublin

Diagnostic Laboratory of Luxmed Medical Center is a modern facility offering the highest level of services to its patients. We ensure the highest quality of our tests by applying the principles of the code of professional ethics, safety and good laboratory practice. We operate guided by a policy of impartiality, respecting the property rights of the Patient with regard to the tests performed and in accordance with the principles of information security.

Bearing in mind that laboratory services are essential to patient care, we make every effort to meet the needs of all patients and the medical personnel responsible for their care. We clearly and legibly inform principals about how to prepare for the test, the correct identification of the patient, the rules of sampling and transport to ensure the stability of the test material.

Test results

Test results are presented in accordance with current legal requirements, in accordance with the quality standards for medical diagnostic and microbiological laboratories. In case of results that threaten the health or life of the patient, we immediately inform the referring physician or the patient himself. We also provide consulting services in the interpretation of the test results obtained.

Staff qualifications

We are constantly improving the qualifications of our staff by participating in training courses, scientific conferences, webinars. We participate in national and international programs of external research quality control, obtaining very good results.
We pride ourselves on our qualified and competent staff, which includes specialists in the fields:

  • medical laboratory diagnostics,
  • medical laboratory toxicology,
  • medical microbiology,
  • pathomorphology,
  • medical cytomorphology,
  • medical laboratory transfusionology.

Our team uses world-class diagnostic equipment, whose manufacturers are leaders in the diagnostic market.

Available research

The panel of tests available at the Laboratory includes standard tests in the following areas: hematology, general analytics, coagulology, clinical chemistry, hormones, as well as specialized tests: cancer markers, tests for infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies and food intolerances, tests in microbiology and mycology, serology, cytological and histopathological diagnostics, genetics and other highly specialized tests.

We are constantly striving to ensure that our range of tests meets current needs, is clinically useful, in line with the latest medical knowledge, and that the waiting time for the result is as short as possible. Most tests are performed on a rolling basis, with the result available the same day, for many tests as early as a few hours after sample collection. Longer time is required for some highly specialized tests.


In order to maximize the sample circulation time in the Laboratory, resulting in shorter waiting time for the result, we entered the area of automation. We have introduced a solution that only a few laboratories in the country can boast.

In our daily activities, we strive to meet the needs of our patients to the fullest extent possible, we approach each order individually, listen to comments and are open to introducing new research and technological solutions.