Cytology NFZ Lublin

Cervical cancer prevention program

CYTOLOGICAL EXAMINATION and, as indicated, additional tests

  • Women age 25 - 64 (birth year 1998 - 1959)
  • Ladies who have not had a cytological examination in a preventive program in the last 3 years
  • Ladies for whom the period of 3 years has not passed, and had a written recommendation as a result of the test, to perform a repeat cytology (must report with the test result)
  • Exclusion criteria: malignant disease of the reproductive organs

If indicated, possibility to perform colposcopy in the in-depth stage

The tests are performed at the CM Luxmed gynecology clinic:

  • Lublin, Radziwillowska 5, Zwycieska 6A, Koncertowa 4D, Orkana 7 (only for ladies declared to a midwife in POZ CM Luxmed).
    Prior appointment reservation is necessary tel. 81 532 37 11
  • Bilgoraj, 50 Kościuszki Street.
    Advance appointment reservation is necessary tel. 84 686 95 33