Colorectal cancer screening program

Colorectal cancer screening program Lublin

The Colorectal Cancer Screening Program is funded by the National Health Service.

You can get a colonoscopy test without a referral.

Eligibility criteria for the colorectal cancer program:

  • People aged 50-65
  • People aged 40-49 who have a first-degree relative diagnosed with colorectal cancer

Exclusion criterion:

  • Clinical symptoms suggestive of colorectal cancer,
  • Colonoscopy performed in the last 10 years.
Eligibility for the study will be based on a questionnaire completed by the patient.
To qualify for the program, contact CM Luxmed

tel. 81 538 54 29

Screening Program

What does a colonoscopy consist of?

It is an endoscopic examination performed with a soft, flexible tube (colonoscope) inserted through the rectum into the cleaned large intestine and moved toward the small intestine. The device is equipped with a camera that transmits images of the inside of the intestine to a monitor.
Colonoscopy is an examination that is not only modern, but also safe. It usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes. For most patients, the examination is painless, but may be accompanied by symptoms of discomfort such as bloating, a feeling of pushing or pressure. In most patients, the result of the examination is normal. Small polyps detected during colonoscopy ( up to 1 cm in diameter) are removed during the examination and submitted for histopathological evaluation. Larger polyps require excision in a hospital setting during a separate short hospitalization.

How to prepare for a colonoscopy?

The examination requires a thorough cleansing of the large intestine of food residues that remain in it. For this purpose, a few days before the scheduled examination, you should pick up a special cleansing preparation from the CM Luxmed facility in Lublin, 7 Orkana Street, and apply it according to the attached instructions. For practical reasons, it is advisable to stay at home on the day before the examination. Any doubts about, for example, concurrent intake of solid medications, patients can discuss by calling the indicated telephone number.

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