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What does a visit to a child psychologist look like?

A visit to a psychological counseling center for children begins with the psychologist collecting a detailed interview with the parents about the patient's problems, the child's development, the child's functioning in the environment, the family situation. The psychologist also conducts an interview with the child or adolescent. He will perform basic diagnostic tests, make recommendations for further treatment, establish the frequency of meetings, answer questions from the patient and his parents.

What does a child psychologist do?

A child psychologist specializes primarily in:

  • Therapy of psychosomatic disorders with a neurotic background,
  • depressive disorders,
  • emotional disorders,
  • aggressive behavior,
  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, obesity),
  • sleep disorders,
  • Anxiety disorders in the form of phobias,
  • Diagnosis and therapy of school failure,
  • Diagnosis and psychoprophylaxis of the functioning of people with borderline disorders,
  • ways to cope with stress, in difficult and crisis situations.

In addition, the child psychologist Lublin deals with:

  • Supporting the comprehensive development of the child,
  • parenting counseling.

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