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What does a visit to a pediatric urologist look like?

A visit to the urology clinic is similar to other visits to specialists. It begins with the pediatric urologist taking a detailed history of the child's problems, symptoms and medications taken. The doctor will perform basic diagnostic tests, make recommendations for further treatment, and answer the patient's questions.

You can bring the results of previous tests to your urology clinic appointment.

What does a pediatric urologist do?

A pediatric urologist primarily specializes in treating symptoms related to:

  • bedwetting,
  • Stool,
  • Recurrent urinary tract and bladder infections,
  • inflammatory conditions of the external genitalia,
  • Anatomical defects of the organs of the genitourinary system,

In addition, the pediatric urologist deals with:

  • conditions resulting from trauma to the genitourinary system.

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