Trichomonas vaginalis - mycological examination

Material: swab
Study price: PLN 40.00
Waiting time: result after 5 working days

  • Required, the material is collected in the gynecology office by a midwife, Monday through Friday:
    - in branches in Lublin until 2:30 pm
    - in Branches outside Lublin until 12:00 pm

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Preparation for the study

Detailed for women

  • The material for the test is (after first inserting a gynecological speculum) secretions from the walls of the vagina, from the posterior vault of the vagina, from the cervical canal and a swab from the urethra.
    It is best to take the secretion 2-3 days before or after menstruation.
    The material for examination is taken by the midwife before starting or after discontinuing treatment against cysticercosis.

Detailed for men

  • In men, a urethral swab is taken preferably before
    morning urination or after a prolonged break of about 4 hours.
    The material for the test is taken by the midwife before starting or after stopping treatment against cilia.


Samples brought from outside are not accepted for testing.


The vaginal gonorrhea is one of the parasites most commonly transmitted sexually. It causes a disease known as cysticercosis. In chronic inflammatory conditions, the cilia are found in the vagina and urethra in women, and in the urethra, prostate gland and seminal vesicles in men. It is not uncommon to become infected during childbirth
Newborns succumb ( it disappears spontaneously within a month). These parasites cause damage to vaginal epithelial cells, small cavities and ulcerations. The incubation period is 1-4 weeks. 50% of infected women develop profuse, foamy, yellowish discharge, accompanied by vaginal and vulvar irritation. Symptoms nsurge during the
menstruation. Examination reveals inflammation of the vagina, accumulation of secretions in the vaginal vault, small petechiae of the vaginal or cervical mucosa. Rhubacteriosis is often complicated by bacterial or fungal infection. Candidiasis is particularly often aggravated by treatment for cysticercosis, the association with altered
vaginal biocenosis. Chronic cilia can have some effect on pelvic inflammation, infertility complications of pregnancy, length of recovery from hysterectomy. In men, cilia sometimes nest in the urethra, prostate gland, epididymis and penile ulcers. Infections in men are most often asymptomatic; they should be differentiated from infection and gonorrhea bacillus.

Eclampsia infections are usually accompanied by bacterial and fungal infections (such as Candida albicans). Chronic untreated cilia can cause infertility and cause pregnancy complications.

Symptoms of hookworm
- discharge (discharge from the genital tract): very abundant, frothy, stinky, mostly yellow or greenish in color,

- itching, burning
- pain in the perineal area
- Irritation of the vulva and vagina

When a genital tract infection is accompanied by a urinary tract infection, you may experience burning, frequent urination, urinary urgency and even painful urination and lower abdominal pain.

Development and preparation of material (applies to contractors only)

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