medical subscription lublin

Medical subscriptions for companies

Flexible and tailored medical packages including occupational medicine for employees of companies small and large. Medical care with the option of flexible adjustment to the needs of the Employer and Employees at a relatively low price. Check which package will be best for you!

Medical services provided by subscription:

  • Full range of medical appointments, diagnostic tests; laboratory, ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, rehabilitation and many other medical services
  • Ultra-modern diagnostic laboratories and comfortable medical offices
  • Professional staff, outstanding specialist doctors
  • Unlimited access to more than 600 specialists at in-house facilities and nearly 10,000 specialists at collaborating facilities nationwide
  • Guaranteed service package for employees and family members
  • Flexible and diverse forms of contribution financing

Benefits for the Employer

1. Investment
A secure investment in the health of Employees

2. Reducing costs
Low cost of mandatory occupational health benefits with a package of additional services

3. Better organization of work
Optimal organization of Employee examinations, reducing the Employee's time on examinations to the necessary minimum

4. Additional motivation
Increase employee commitment and loyalty

5. Increase labor productivity
Reduce absenteeism due to health reasons, thereby increasing labor productivity

6. Lower income tax
Deductible cost for the Employer

7. Access to medical services
Quick and unhindered access to services without being away from work

Medical packages for employees are now a standard.
By investing in private medical care, you increase the prestige and competitiveness of your company in the labor market.

Benefits for the Employee

1. Better access to health care
Quick access to health care services - visits and examinations without queues

2. Medical care within reach
Proximity to medical facilities at work and residence

3. Access to online booking 24/7
Book services and access to your own and family members' test results 24/7

4. Guarantee
Guaranteed service delivery dates

5. One-stop medical care
Comprehensive medical coverage for yourself and your family

6. Less sick leave
No need to use vacation or sick leave for appointments or examinations

7. Rich range of services
A wide range of medical services tailored to people of all ages