Anna Michalowska


Anna Michalowska

Specialty: physiotherapy

Place of work: 6A Zwycięska Street, Lublin


Graduate of the Wincentego Pola Academy of Physiotherapy in Lublin - 2013.

In his daily work he mainly uses manual therapy and therapeutic massage of the spine and joints. He conducts instructional and corrective exercises , in addition, I perform physical therapy treatments. He provides rehabilitation for patients of different age groups and various ailments. They are mainly orthopedic and neurological patients.


Completed courses and training:

  • MANUAL THERAPY COURSE Differential diagnosis and manual treatment in musculoskeletal dysfunctions:
    - Module I Lumbar spine, pelvis, hip, thigh. Clinical aspects of the urogenital system.
    - Module II Knee, foot. Clinical neurology part 1
    - Module III Thoracic spine, ribs, shoulder girdle. Clinical aspects of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
    - Module IV Cervical section of the spine. Clinical aspects of the digestive system
    - Module V Shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist. Clinical neurology part 2
    - exam course
  • Dynamic patching course - kinesiotaping