Physiotherapy Lublin

The rehabilitation clinic deals with the restoration of fitness in musculoskeletal disorders, postural defects in children, sinus diseases, urogynecological problems, pain complaints of various origins. It offers physiotherapist counseling services and treatments, such as physical therapy, kinesitherapy, massage, manual therapy, osteopathy, kinesiotaping, visceral therapy, pediatric physiotherapy, etc.

The rehabilitation clinic also provides access to specialized tests, such as:

Physiotherapist advice Lublin

Advice from a physiotherapist

During the consultation, the physiotherapist takes a history, conducts a functional and structural examination, and orders appropriately selected treatments....

Rehabilitation staff

Private physiotherapy

We offer a very wide range of rehabilitation. Private physiotherapy is generally done without a referral. However, there is a range of services for which a referral is required. On the basis of a referral/procedure order from a doctor or a master's degree in physiotherapy, we perform kinesitherapy, physical therapy and therapeutic massage services.

Rehabilitation NFZ Lublin

NFZ Rehabilitation

Are you interested in rehabilitation under the National Health Fund?...

Subscription treatments

Subscription treatments

Are you interested in rehabilitation under private health insurance?....

Rehabilitation services offered

Rehabilitation services offered

We offer a wide range of rehabilitation services, performed by qualified and experienced physiotherapists. We take an individual approach to each patient, selecting comprehensive therapy based on extensive knowledge and experience....

Rehabilitation staff Lublin


The staff of the rehabilitation department are experienced and committed specialists who deepen their knowledge at numerous additional training courses. Thanks to this knowledge, each patient's recovery process is optimized....

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