Rehabilitation services offered

Rehabilitation services offer Lublin
Kinesitherapy Lublin


Kinesitherapy uses movement as a therapeutic agent. It is most often used in all kinds of diseases and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system - back pain, postural defects, after a stroke, heart attack, rheumatoid diseases or before childbirth....

Physical therapy Lublin

Physical therapy

Physical therapy uses natural physical agents or agents produced by various devices for therapeutic purposes. The agents used in therapy are usually...

Therapeutic massage Lublin

Therapeutic massage

Massage is a form of rest and relaxation for the body. It makes the skin firmer, healthier and more circulated. Often, in addition to its relaxation function, massage also has a therapeutic function....

Osteopathy Lublin


Osteopathy is based primarily, on a very precise determination of the cause of ailments that disrupt the proper functioning of our body....

Pediatric physiotherapy Lublin

Pediatric physiotherapy

Therapy for premature infants, toddlers and children with muscle tone disorders, body position asymmetry, neurological disorders, orthopedic a...

Urogynecological physiotherapy Lublin

Urogynecological physiotherapy

Urogynecological physiotherapy deals with all kinds of pelvic problems. Its main task is to restore normal tensions in the pelvic area....

Dental physiotherapy Lublin

Dental physiotherapy

Dental physiotherapy usually focuses on temporomandibular joint disorders, which occur in 3-12% of the population causing various types of pain or functional disorders in the masticatory musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapist advice Lublin

Advice from a physiotherapist

During the consultation, the physiotherapist takes a history, conducts a functional and structural examination, and orders appropriately selected treatments....

Rehabilitation staff


The staff of the rehabilitation department are experienced and committed specialists who deepen their knowledge at numerous additional training courses. Thanks to this knowledge, each patient's recovery process is optimized....