Pediatric physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy Lublin

Pediatric physiotherapy deals with the diagnosis and therapy of premature babies, infants and children with muscle tone disorders, asymmetry of body position, neurological and orthopedic disorders, as well as the promotion of normal sensory and psychomotor development in healthy children.

No referral is required for the treatments.

Pediatric physiotherapy - NDT Bobath Lublin

Pediatric physiotherapy - NDT Bobath

It is mainly used for premature babies, infants and older children with neurological, orthopedic and genetic disorders, as well as children with delayed development....

Consultation of pediatric physiotherapist Lublin

Consultation of a pediatric physiotherapist

During the consultation, the physiotherapist performs functional assessment of the child: observes the way he or she moves, the quality of movements, body positioning....

Newborn care instruction Lublin

Newborn care instruction

During the visit, the pediatric physiotherapist teaches parents how to properly perform the various nursing activities. Proper nursing promotes the stimulation of the child's development....

Tri-plane foot therapy and bandaging Lublin

Three-plane foot therapy and banding

A specially developed method based on neurophysiological foundations Supporting normal motor development. During therapy, the grasps used and exercises are recommended to parents for regular repetition at home.