Newborn care instruction

Newborn care instruction Lublin

During the visit, the pediatric physiotherapist teaches parents how to properly perform the various nursing activities. Proper nursing promotes the stimulation of child development. Activities that parents repeatedly perform during the day while caring for their baby (carrying, feeding, changing, dressing) naturally provide the child with stimulation that shapes its sensorimotor skills.

Parents learn, among other things:

  • How to lift an infant, what method of carrying a baby to use to make it safe and healthy,
  • How to nurse a young child so as not to interfere with his natural psychomotor development (ways to roll the baby on his sides, stomach, change his diaper),
  • How to dress and undress properly,
  • What game to choose for a several-month-old infant to be cognitively and motor development,
  • How to feed an infant.

No referral is required for the treatments.

Price list

  • Newborn care instruction: