Kinesitherapy (rehabilitation exercises)

Kinesitherapy Lublin

Kinesitherapy uses movement as a therapeutic agent. It is most often used in all kinds of diseases and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system - back pain, postural defects, after a stroke, heart attack, rheumatoid diseases or before childbirth. Properly conducted rehabilitation exercises significantly accelerate treatment and return to full fitness.

Manual therapy (mobilizations) Lublin

Manual therapy

Peripheral joint mobilizations, spinal mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, neuromobilization

Individual gymnastics using the PNF method Lublin

Individual gymnastics using the PNF method

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) - is a method that has its own philosophy and principles of working with the patient

Sinus therapy Lublin

Sinus therapy

The aim of the therapy is to relieve pain and unblock the sinuses. The treatment involves such manual techniques as lymphatic drainage, manipulation, trigger point therapy,...

Visceral therapy Lublin

Visceral therapy

Manual therapy of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity aims to restore their normal tension, flexibility and mobility. Working through the internal organ system, which has numerous anatomical and functional connections,...

Kinesiotaping Lublin


Kinesiotaping is a technique in which a special elastic tape (patch).... is applied to the appropriate area on the body.

Instructional exercises Lublin

Instructional exercises

They are aimed at learning gymnastic exercises by the patient under the guidance of a physiotherapist

Passive exercises Lublin

Passive exercises

Movement of a specific part of the patient's body performed by a physiotherapist or with the help of continuous passive movement devices

Active and passive exercises Lublin

Active and passive exercises

Their essence is the movement performed by the therapist and the active relaxation of the muscles by the exercising patient

Active exercises in relief Lublin

Active exercises in relief

These exercises involve independent joint movements with the load on the exercised part of the body

Free active exercises Lublin

Free active exercises

These are exercises performed by the patient at the command of the therapist and under his control

Active exercises with resistance Lublin

Active exercises with resistance

The main purpose of the exercises is, among other things, to increase muscle strength, improve muscle endurance, reduce muscle atrophy

Isometric exercises Lublin

Isometric exercises

Exercises involving active muscle tension by the patient but without changing the length of that muscle. Only the tension is changed

General physical fitness exercises Lublin

General fitness exercises

These are exercises that affect the entire human body

Physiotherapy after COVID - 19 Lublin

Physiotherapy after COVID - 19

A comprehensive physiotherapy service for patients with disorders resulting from COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection). Such therapy requires a highly individualized and multispecialized approach to the patient....