Active and passive exercises

Active and passive exercises Lublin

Their essence is the movement performed by the therapist and the active relaxation of muscles by the exercising patient.


  • states after surgical reconstructive procedures mainly in the locomotor system
  • conditions after immobilization in plaster dressings
  • rheumatoid, rheumatoid diseases
  • immobilization of limbs by means of lifts
  • states of tissue atrophy
  • bone demineralization
  • burns on larger parts of the body
  • Other surgical procedures not necessarily within the musculoskeletal system (such as post-mastectomy conditions)


  • acute inflammation of the joints
  • inflammation of periarticular tissues
  • venous inflammations
  • temperature above 38°
  • fractures , post-traumatic conditions
  • states after dislocation
  • violated continuity of skin and soft tissues
  • occurrence of pain during exercise
  • states after surgical procedures before removal of stitches (consultation with a doctor)
  • Diastolic pressure above 100 and systolic pressure above 160 (measured at rest)
  • general serious condition of the patient
  • status after CT scan with contrast
  • Condition after a lower lumbar puncture (e.g., collection of cerebrospinal fluid)

A referral is required for the exercise.

Price list

  • Active-passive exercises: