Active exercises in relief

Active exercises in relief Lublin

These exercises involve independent joint movements with the load on the exercised part of the body. The purpose of the exercises is to prevent muscle atrophy and gain muscle strength, prevent contractures in the joint, increase the range of motion in the joint.


  • atrophy and significant muscle weakness
  • incomplete bone fusion
  • degenerative changes in the joints
  • restrictions of mobility in the joints
  • conditions after immobilization
  • pain syndromes in the musculoskeletal system


  • acute inflammation of the joints
  • inflammation of periarticular tissues
  • venous inflammations
  • temperature above 38°
  • fractures , post-traumatic conditions
  • states after dislocation
  • violated continuity of skin and soft tissues
  • occurrence of pain during exercise
  • states after surgical procedures before removal of stitches (consultation with a doctor)
  • Diastolic pressure above 100 and systolic pressure above 160 (measured at rest)
  • general serious condition of the patient
  • status after CT scan with contrast
  • Condition after a lower lumbar puncture (e.g., collection of cerebrospinal fluid)

A referral is required for the exercise.

Price list

  • Active exercises in relief: