Osteopathy Lublin

Osteopathy is a system of manual treatment of the human being based on detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neurology, and the influence of all systems of our body on each other. The osteopath views the human body as a single whole, not dividing it into individual parts/systems, and the concept of treatment always has holistic assumptions.

Treatment is based primarily, on a very precise determination of the cause of ailments that disrupt the proper functioning of our body. In the case of certain dysfunctions of a particular system (e.g., musculoskeletal, digestive or nervous), the osteopath, with the help of appropriate manual techniques, tries to create the best possible conditions for self-healing mechanisms and give them the right direction of functioning and stimulation.

An osteopath is a specialist who must have advanced medical knowledge (doctor or master's degree in physiotherapy).

The training cycle for an osteopath is long, as a person can enter it with a medical background or be in the course of a medical degree in, for example, physiotherapy, midwifery or medicine. He then undertakes the study of osteopathy, which lasts approx. 4-5 years. The extensive knowledge and experience that an osteopath must have make this system of working with the patient very effective and, most importantly, safe.

Indications for osteopathic therapy

  • orthopedic / sports injuries
  • Headaches (migraine, tension headaches)
  • tinnitus
  • problems of the digestive system (constipation, digestive problems, reflux)
  • sciatica/shoulder sciatica
  • Generalized pain problems of the spine (discopathies, root compression, joint problems)
  • postoperative treatment
  • urogynecological complaints
  • heel spurs

No referral is required for the procedure.

Place of performance: Lublin, Zwycięska 6a Street

Duration: 30 min

Price list

  • Osteopathy: