Barbara West


Barbara West

Specialty: physiotherapy

Place of work: 6A Zwycięska Street, Lublin


Graduated from the Medical University of Lublin with a degree in Physiotherapy - 2018.

She completed postgraduate studies: Teacher Qualification. Pedagogical Preparation and Sensory Integration.

He performs kinesitherapy, therapeutic massage and physical therapy treatments.

She especially appreciates contact with children and adolescents. Among other things, she conducts gymnastics for scoliosis and postural defects using the PNF method, as well as instructional and general development exercises.


Completed courses and training:

  • Pnf basic
  • Scoliosis-diagnosis and physiotherapeutic management
  • Pilates method in the practice of a physiotherapist
  • Veronica Sherborne's Developmental Movement Method
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Level I sensory integration therapy
  • Hand Therapy Training
  • Workshops: MTG- musculo-fascial release, Kinetic Control