Monika Czubacka-Bryla

Specialty: physiotherapy

Place of work: 6A Zwycięska Street, Lublin


Graduate of the Warsaw Medical University in physiotherapy - 2009.

She treats patients with urogynecological problems, pregnant women and postpartum women. She also works with patients with spinal and peripheral joint pain.


Completed courses and training:

  • Physiotherapy in urinary and fecal incontinence and lower pelvic organs, accredited by the Polish Society of Urogynecology - in modular course
  • Scar - comprehensive therapy
  • Stretch of the rectus abdominis muscle - comprehensive therapy
  • Osteopathic Approach in Women's Therapy
  • Bebo Pelvic Floor Training - Module I, II
  • Active 9 months - exercises in the Birth School
  • Functional Osteopathy and Integration
  • Kinetic Control Course
  • N.A.P Manual Therapy
  • Manual Therapy according to the German School (completed modules OW 1, OW 2, UW 1)
  • Workshops: Vulvodynia through the eyes of a physiotherapist, Management of painful menstrual syndrome, Painful menstruation and endometriosis - physiotherapy practice, Multiculturalism in gynecological and obstetric care