Pavel Dzyr


Pavel Dzyr

Specialty: physiotherapy

Place of work: 6A Zwycięska Street, Lublin


Graduated in physiotherapy from the Medical University of Lublin.

His work is guided by accurate diagnosis and localization of the patient's ailments. He values the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the therapy provided. He mainly deals with patients with ailments of the spine and peripheral joints. He is able to combine pain with dysfunctions of the nervous system and internal organs.


Completed courses and training:

  • Visceral therapy in the practice of a physiotherapist
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Musculo-Fascial Release with Palpation Anatomy
  • Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains Structure & Function - Anatomy Tapes Structure & Form
  • Kinesiology Taping by K-Active Taping Masterclass Part 1 Course