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We run a Prenatal Testing Program according to the FMF standard under the contract of the National Health Fund. Non-invasive examinations are performed free of charge - ultrasound in combination with biochemical tests. In case of indications due to specific risks, there is a possibility of invasive diagnostics (amniocentesis with genetic testing of the fluid and genetic counseling).

The tests can be performed in insured persons with a referral with a specific criterion to the Prenatal Testing Program:

  • The patient must have a referral from a gynecologist. Referrals from a private gynecologist's office are also honored.
  • With the result, that is, the analysis of the risk of genetic defects, the patient should go to the doctor in charge of the pregnancy.
  • The number of tests is limited in accordance with the contract with the National Health Service.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Age over 35
  • The occurrence of a chromosomal aberration of the fetus or child in a previous pregnancy
  • Detection of structural chromosomal aberrations in the pregnant woman or the father of the child
  • Finding a significantly higher risk of having a child affected by a monogenetic or multifactorial disease
  • Finding of an abnormal ultrasound or biochemical test during pregnancy indicating an increased risk of chromosomal aberration or fetal malformation

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In the first trimester of pregnancy:

  • Prenatal ultrasound 11-13 (+6 days) weeks of pregnancy.
  • Dual test (PAPP-A, beta-hCG)

Genetic counseling includes, among other things, medical history taking into account the genetic history, evaluation and interpretation of the results of the tests performed and a decision as to the further procedure (in the case of medical indications, referral to invasive tests after the patient consents to their performance)

For ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy (11-14 weeks), the patient should have a filled bladder. It is not necessary to be fasted for the blood laboratory test.

In the second trimester of pregnancy:

Prenatal ultrasound 18-23 weeks of pregnancy.