Dental surgery

dental surgery Lublin

Dental surgery, is not only the removal of teeth, but a range of procedures involving the oral cavity, including procedures that support other areas of dentistry, such as endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics and implantology.

As part of dental surgery, we perform such procedures as:

  • removal of deciduous teeth,
  • Removal of permanent teeth, including retained teeth,
  • removal of tooth buds,
  • Bringing back retained teeth (in orthodontic treatment),
  • root tip resection,
  • frenulum undercutting,
  • Removal of lesions on the oral mucosa - abscesses, cysts, tumors,
  • Alveolar plasty of the maxilla or mandible.


Dental surgery procedures should absolutely be performed in a specialized office by a good specialist surgeon. This ensures patient safety and minimizes complications after the procedure.

Price list

  • Prices depend on the type and difficulty of the procedure performed.