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Dentistry Lublin

We offer a full range of dental services for adults and children. We employ experienced dentists with all specialties in dentistry and a certified dental hygienist. Modern dental offices, Dental Hygiene Clinic, high-end dental equipment and materials, innovative methods of prevention and treatment of teeth - all this makes Stomatologia CM Luxmed one of the largest and most modern dental clinics in Lublin and the region.

Dental hygiene office in Lublin

Dental hygiene office

Dental cleaning procedures, dental check-ups and patient education on how to take care of oral hygiene performed by a certified dental hygienist....

Dental services Lublin

Dental review

Dental inspection is used to assess the condition of the teeth. Performed systematically every six months, it allows for early diagnosis and treatment of caries....

Pediatric dentistry in Lublin

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) involves proper preparation of the young patient and the proper conduct of the adaptation visit.

Dental treatment in Lublin

Dental treatment

Dental treatment includes treatment of simple caries and root canal treatment. Treatment of caries pros...

Dental surgery in Lublin

Dental surgery

Dental surgery, is not just the removal of teeth, but a range of procedures involving the oral cavity....

Orthodontics in Lublin


Orthodontics specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusion and dental abnormalities. Modern treatment methods use

Prosthodontics in Lublin


Prosthodontics deals with the restoration of single and multiple missing teeth. The loss of even one tooth is not indifferent to the entire system

Implants in Lublin


Implants are now a very good alternative for patients with missing teeth of various types. An implant is a component that replaces the root of your own

Veneers in Lublin


A veneer, is a thin overlay on a tooth to correct its color, shape, size or the gap between teeth. The use of veneers is very wide, ranging from cosmetic correction of teeth to clinical indications....

Teeth whitening in Lublin

Teeth whitening

The latest safe and effective teeth whitening methods. The effect of white teeth lasts about 2 years....

Scaling in Lublin


Tartar, is a mineralized layer of plaque, which is a sticky and colorless layer of bacteria and carbohydrates....

Sandblasting in Lublin


Dental sandblasting (plaque removal) is one of the basic cosmetic and preventive procedures. It consists of.

Caries prevention in Lublin

Caries prevention

Prophylaxis of caries of deciduous and permanent teeth is aimed at protecting teeth from the development of caries. Depending on the type and location of the teeth, we use varnishing, varnishing and lapis...