Veneers Lublin

Veneers, are thin tooth caps that correct the color, shape, size or gap between teeth. The use of veneers is very wide, ranging from cosmetic correction of teeth to clinical indications. Thanks to veneers, it is possible to correct the proportions of teeth (teeth that are too short or too long), eliminate excessive misalignment with crowding of teeth, discoloration that is impossible to whiten, closing interdental spaces or replacing chipped teeth.

We offer 2 types of veneers:

  • Made of light-cured material - They are applied to the tooth similarly to fillings. They are cheaper than veneers made by other methods. Composite veneers last up to several years, provided they do not suffer mechanical trauma.
  • Porcelain - are the most durable, definitely thinner than a crown, so that the tooth is reduced by only 0.3-0.5 mm. To place this type of veneers it is necessary, after preparation of the tooth, to make prosthetic impressions. The procedure is usually carried out during two visits.

Price list

  • The price of a veneer made of light-cured material:
  • Price of all-ceramic veneer: 1200.00 z艂