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The obligation to perform periodic examinations under Article 229 of the Labor Code has returned. Employees who do not have up-to-date examinations are obliged to perform them.

In order to streamline the registration process, we have launched for you a phone number dedicated to Occupational Medicine - 81 536 15 15 and the possibility to book an appointment online.

The Occupational Medicine Act requires employers to provide preventive health care to their employees.

  • Occupational health examinations are performed on the basis of referral from the employer.
  • If you want to do check-ups (after sick leave of more than 30 days) you must have a , "Medical Certificate" of completion of treatment by the attending physician.
  • If you wear glasses or lenses Bring them with you to the preventive examinations:

- glasses or a copy of the current glasses you wear
- in the case of lenses, your own solution and container, allowing you to remove the lenses for the examination

  • If you are a pensioner or a person with a degree of disability, you must have a , "Medical Certificate" (from a family doctor or a specialist) indicating for which conditions the pension or degree of disability was issued.

The tests can be performed at the following facilities:

Lublin, 11 Kr贸lewska Street

Krasnik, 56A Lubelska St.

  • Telephone reservations - tel. 81 884 47 90

Bilgoraj, 50 Ko艣ciuszki St.

  • Telephone reservations - tel. 84 686 95 33

Chelm, Pl. Kupiecki 12

  • Telephone reservations - tel. 82 540 80 51